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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Book review of Broken Angel

Sigmond Brouwer has written a masterful suspense tale which takes place in post-apocalyptic days. Set in a sub-nation within the United States, no one comes in to Appalachia, and no one gets out. Caitlyn's father, Jordan, is trying to keep the details of her birth a secret to the oppressive townspeople. . .and her, as well.

Wonderful, sympathetic characters will grab your heart as they attempt to escape Appalachia, while hunted and hemmed in by bounty hunters and a bad guy who makes Dexter seem tame.

The writing is masterful, with beautifully crafted descriptions, compelling characters and an intriguing plot.

I can't wait to read his sequel, Flight of Shadows, which will be available January 2010.

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