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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Little Grey Bird and the Sunflower

We have a birdfeeder that hangs just off the corner of our deck. I fill it with sunflower seeds and watch all types of sparrows, crossbills, chickadees, finches, and siskins.

There is one bird that I have yet to identify. It's a small, greyish bird. Every year it nests a few feet away from the feeder in our big ponderosa tree. When the fledglings are ready to fly, they take advantage of the nearby feeder.

Funny thing about this little grey bird, is that is doesn't have a typical seed-eaters bill. The bird's beak is narrow, too narrow to crack and eat a sunflower seed at the feeder, unlike all the other types of birds.
It takes a seed, flies to the corner post of our deck and deposits the seed there. Then, it proceeds to whack the fool out of the seed. Its whole body gets into the act. Wings flip outward as the little creature throws itself at the seed. Finally the seed yields to the bird's onslaught. He extracts his prize and flies back to the ponderosa for a brief rest.
Then, a minute later, he's back at the feeder.

Even the crossbills and the red-headed finches can't compete with this little bird for my attention.
He seems so ill equipped for the job of seed-eating. Yet, what nature has not provided, he makes up for with sheer determination and perseverance.
That small grey bird is a lesson for me. Each time I see him at the feeder, or sitting on the corner post, I think about my own limitations.

God speaks to me in the small things of life. If a bird with a slim beak can feed on hard sunflowers, then I can rise above my own limitations, through God's grace. He gives me the strength to persevere, then increases my faith as I exercise it in the daily struggle.
Even a hard sunflower will yield to a constant, skillful barrage.
What is your "sunflower"?
I'd love to read your comments.

"He (the Lord) gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak." (Is. 40: 29)


  1. Even though God provides food for all His little critters they still have to work to get it. Some people could learn a good lesson from just watching the birds.

    God bless :-)


  2. Ron made a good point. I like to say that God's gifts often come unassembled with plenty of instructions. :)

  3. Thanks, Ron and Susan.God gave me a musical gift, but I still had to work and work and work at it to develop it. Same thing with my writing. That little bird reminds me to keep at it until I can "extract" the benefit.