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Monday, June 18, 2012

Men Are Super-heros

My husband can fix things around the house. He's even more impressive when something goes amiss with the computer. All I have to do is yell, Help!" and he hurries upstairs to rescue his lady-love from her plight.
There are things that I can't fix because I lack the sheer physical strength to do so.
Other things that stymie me are techy sorts of questions. I don't comprehend much of the lingo attached to the world of computers.
So Bruce rushes to my side.
After he fixes something, I ask, "How did you do that?"
(I'm really looking for some sort of instruction that I can use the next time my computer does something nasty.)
But Bruce tilts his chin upward, looks down his nose, and says,
He says it partly to amuse me, and partly to annoy me.
I suspect that the reason Bruce loves to rush to my call for help is the same reason he loves to watch super-hero movies.
Deep within my man --and probably 98 percent of all men -- beats the heart of Superman.

As comedian Jerry Seinfeld said, when asked why men think they can perform heroic acts involving superhuman strength or valor: "These are not fantasies; these are options."

What I observe in my husband, I also observe in my sons. And I'm beginning to see inklings of the super-hero psyche in my grandson as well.

I love that about men. Honestly.
And the older I get, the more I appreciate that God made them that way.

My man will battle mice, spiders and stink bugs around the house.
He'll go without sleep, forgo recreation, and work long hours to provide for us.
And he always drives the old car so I can drive the new, safe, luxurious car.
Yesterday was Father's Day. I called my husband, "Lord."
He looked incredibly pleased.  Then I leaned over and whispered in his ear, "I'm only calling you that 'cause it's Father's Day. Don't expect me to say that in public tomorrow."

But I'm thinking I might address him as "Lord" sometime this week just to see his reaction.
He does respond well to praise.
What super-hero doesn't?


  1. My hubby was a super hero. If I needed something, he was right there.

    Since he died, I now have to deal with wasps in the bathtub (and the nasty sting I got), taking out the garbage, and other assorted tasks. Thank God, He's provided heroes in the form of a neighbor and brothers in Christ.

    But I sure miss my hero.

  2. That's wonderful, Susan, how God provides what we need. Praise the Lord for His servants here on earth!