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Monday, July 23, 2012

Does Aurora Surprise You?

The recent horror at the Aurora, Colorado Cinema 16 has all of us Americans reeling.
What kind of mind conceives such a diabolical plan? And carries it out on innocent and precious people?
Sickening. Heart-breaking.
I've heard so many people in the media voice the usual "Tsk, tsk, he must have been a disenfranchised young person, someone who never fit in, never felt accepted or affirmed by family or friends. So now he's acting out his rage by getting revenge, even on innocent people."
I'm so tired of hearing this explanation.
This kind of mass murder rarely happened years ago.
If someone felt unhappy by the way he was treated by society, he didn't resort to murder.

Our society is reaping what we have sown.
We have largely rejected the God of the Bible.
Our courts try to tell us we're not allowed to display the Ten Commandments.
We get in trouble for praying in public, for reading our Bibles in school, for mentioning the name of Jesus, for displaying a cross.
We no longer have Christmas concerts at school. They're called "Holiday" concerts.
Our prisons are filled to overflowing.
There are very few societal consequences for sin.
We don't blush anymore at filthy language or overt sexuality on TV. 
We think it's okay to mutilate or burn to death a baby inside its mother's womb, then dispose of it in the trash. After all, it's just a blob of tissue.
We don't trust our politicians.
Discipline, respect for authority, honor for older people, love of country, responsibility for one's actions: nearly non-existent.
And we ask, "how can these kinds of murders happen?"

Why wouldn't these kinds of murders happen?
Here's how our society has taught us to think:

Since . . . 
My schools teach me that I am just a product of evolution,
since I am not a special and loved creation of God,
(indeed, there is no God)
since I am the sum total of life,
since I am god; and there is no other beside me,
then I do not answer to anybody.
No limitation on my personal freedom will be tolerated.
Since I want what I want when I want it, then
"god" help anyone who gets in my way.
Since. . . 
 My parents live exactly the same way,
since they have no god but themselves,
then nothing is more important than their own comfort and convenience.
The schools teach me the same thing.
My teachers are not in authority. They "facilitate" what I choose to learn.
If I choose to learn at all.
Truth is what I choose it to be. And don't you dare try to tell me what you believe is better!
My teachers teach me that I am not responsible for my actions.
My brain is not mature enough to comprehend the ramifications for my actions.
I cannot control my appetites. That's just the way my body has evolved over millions and millions of years. I am an animal.
So it is up to my parents and schools and government to supply me with condoms or birth control pills.
The government is responsible for supplying everything that I need. That's their purpose.

Since. . . 
The world exists for my pleasure, then
if you displease me in any way I will smear you on the internet. Hah! I could care less.

 Because of this mindset. . . 
I am angry that I do not have everything that I want. 
I stuff my belly with sweet things while I play video games all day. 
(Why should I have to work or study?)
I yell at my parents because they're so stupid.
I curse the drivers around me because they don't know that this road belongs to me.
I cheat at school, at work. 
I cheat against my spouse because he (she) doesn't "get" me.
I obey the law only when I might get caught.
After all, there's no God looking over my shoulder. And even if I do get caught I'll just get a slap on the wrist and maybe some counseling.

I think I've heard about Adam and Eve. Aren't they the ones who lived in that mythical garden with the snake? What a joke.
But Abraham,  Moses, David? Who are they?
The Bible is a book of fairy stories.
Jesus is a swear word.
Hell doesn't exist.
We're all going to heaven to party eventually. 'Cause a loving God (I don't believe in Him, though) wouldn't send anyone to hell.

So I guess we shouldn't be surprised that a young man walks into a theater and kills twelve people. Without remorse or conscience. He has not been raised to believe that human life has value.
We are raising a generation of little Nero's. (Who's that? The schools never taught me about him.)

As long as we --as individuals and as a nation --continue to usurp God's throne and place our own puny selves on that Heavenly Seat, we will continue to see evil flourish.
Oh, how we need Jesus.

"For although they knew God, they neither glorified Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools. . . " (Romans. 1: 21, 22 NIV Bible)

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