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Monday, February 4, 2013

What God Praises

I recently watched author and speaker Susie Larson on the James Roberson show.
She has written an excellent book called Your Beautiful Purpose.
She said that humans tend to exalt skill and talent. But God praises character.
The godly character He produces in you is what advances His Kingdom.

No talent? Nope.
Not great skill? Not.
Isn't skill and talent a good substitute for godly character?


But if God wants to develop godly character in me, that's gonna take a lot of time and possibly pain.
I don't like pain.
I don't like it when there's not enough money for the bills and I gotta trust the Lord to provide.
That's scary.
It's really unpleasant when some nasty person gets promoted at work and is now my boss. How do I learn too submit to such a jerk?
It's hard to trust God when my little child is sick and might face surgery.
And my next door neighbor is downright mean, but Jesus says I gotta pray for those kinds of people.

And while I'm spending my whole life going through unpleasant challenges and learning to trust and obey God, well, meanwhile what am I supposed to do with my talent and skill?

Use it, by all means, if the Lord gives you and opportunity.
But it's your trust and obedience that brings Him pleasure. (Remember how Samuel said to King Saul, "To obey is better than sacrifice." 1st. Samuel 15:22))

God is less interested in the skill or talent we wish to offer to the world than the character He wishes to develop in us.
He wants you way more than He wants your talent to be displayed...even for His glory!
He desires your trust and your obedience first.
Then, in due time, when you have gone through your desert experiences and learned that it is only God working through you that enables you to produce lasting fruit:

Then this quote, repeated by Susie Larson becomes true:

"One thousand people wait at the end of your obedience."

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