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Thursday, December 3, 2009

My House

I like my house. It's in the Colorado Rockies.
From the front it looks like a cedar two-story cabin. People are surprised when I tell them that the place has nearly 3000 square feet.
There are two bedrooms and a bath upstairs.
My office is on the main floor. Before the great remodel of 2004 it used to be the master bedroom. I love this room. It's cozy, with a southern exposure, and looks out on Twin Sisters. When I look out the window I feel like writing.
The new Master suite is on the main floor, too. Right outside is a big wrap-around deck, a state-of-the-art hot tub, and fantastic views of the mountains. You wouldn't believe the stars at night.
Bruce's office is the entire downstairs. When he takes a break from work, he can hop onto the treadmill or the Bowflex.
Outside any window we can see deer, elk, coyotes, hawks and eagles, groundsquirrels, bunnies, chipmonks.
It's a great house. Beautiful, comfortable, spacious.
We didn't always live in such nice digs. We've lived in our share of rentals, fixer-uppers, and crowded or noisy subdivisions. For thirty years we've worked, raised our children, and dreamed about a home in the mountains. In purely economic terms, I should say that we've earned our lovely mountain home.
But there's a much nicer home that I'll eventually live in. I'm sure I can't even imagine how nice that crib will be.
I haven't done anything to earn the priviledge of living there. Some One just offered it to me. Said He'd go and build it just for me. Sweet.
All I gotta do is believe that the Builder is who He is and is giving me the place (and a whole lot of other perks, too) and in due time I'm gonna inherit an indescribably wonderful mansion. Some deal, huh?
No joke. This is on the level.
Can you think of a better deal?


  1. Dena, It will be so much fun to see what that Builder is preparing for each one of us who believe in Him. I imagine it will be everything I didn't even know I wanted.
    Your home here sounds beautiful, peaceful and inspirational. Your stories should include lots of animals since you have an endless supply of action going on. :)

  2. Hi Diane. Yep, I love those animals. Just published a story about our dog, Dudley, in Chicken Soup's, What I Leanred From the Dog.