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Monday, May 10, 2010

An Act of Worship

We took this shot of the turkey in our front yard, just outside my office. Funny how she's all alone. Usually I see turkeys in flocks.
I've had a very busy week, mostly involving activities with my flock at church.
I worked with a friend to organize and prepare a bridal shower for a lovely young lady at our church.
Had lunch with a couple of dear friends.
Rehearsed for a concert.
Performed the concert.
Facilitated a group of women at one of our many women's ministries.
Attended a play that had a couple of my voice students in it.
Sang for our church services.
Prepared the house for two guests who'll stay with me during the Colorado Christian Writer's Conference.
There are always lots of thanks and affirmations all around when we do all this social stuff.
But then I return to my quiet office for the work which I know God has also called me to.
There is very little "good job," "I appreciate your work," " thank you," during the hours I spend sequestered in my writing room.
I'll bet you've also got tons of quiet, solitary activities for which no one gives you praise.
It's easy to start feeling isolated and unappreciated. After all, who's there to see your work?
Are you really accomplishing something of lasting value?
We're tempted to feel that way when we do something that nobody sees.

I've placed an index card between my keyboard and the monitor. It says:
"My Writing is an Act of Worship."
No, it's not the clanging cymbals or trumpet blast kind of worship.
It's the quiet, focused work of a heart that adores Jesus Christ,
that wants to please Him with my written words.
It's hard to do that when I'm surrounded by a flock.
Perhaps that's what the turkey in my yard is doing: fulfilling some kind of God-programmed turkey activity that can only be done away from the trampling of other turkey toes and claws.

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart,as working for the Lord, not for men." (Col. 3:23)

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