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Monday, October 11, 2010

The Dance of Love

My husband and I watched Planet Earth a few days ago. Absolutely amazing photography!
How they get some of those shots inside caves or down under ice floes in the dead of an Antarctic winter is beyond me.
But it's the little intimate shots that charm me the most. Especially the ones of some male animal performing his fancy moves to entice a lady love.

The birds seem to create the most spectacular scenes.

The ones that make me laugh the most are the jungle birds who suddenly inflate elaborate black plumes that look like umbrellas, or rectangles with long, neon blue "mouths." Under the enormous feathery shapes, the bird's spindly legs perform a quick frenzied side-to-side dance, almost guaranteed to wow the plain female who, nevertheless, observes with an unimpressed turn of her beak.

Then there's the long-nosed dolphin who picks up a rock in his mouth and holds it aloft, all the while, eyeing his potential mate with a "aren't you impressed?" look.
What's that all about?

And of course, we've all seen nature programs of big-horn rams or bull elk and their famous jousts with other males.

And human males sing songs, write poems, fight wars, compete in sports, to impress females.

But God is the greatest lover of all. He woos us with sunsets, Caribbean-blue oceans,
snow-capped mountains, summer fields of corn flowers and sunflowers,
sweet corn and tomatoes, the song of the loon on a fog-filled lake,
the scent of pine or the moist air after a rain storm.
His dance is the clouds, swirling and tumbling into the forested gaps between the rocky peaks.
His song is in the murmur of the brook, or the low tunes in the wind through the ponderosas.

But His call is through human words: "I have loved you with an everlasting love, I have drawn you with kindness. . . " (Jer. 31 3)
What a lover!
What a God!

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