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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Your Reputation

While I was at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Dallas, a number of us writers lined up to try to add on extra agent/editor appointments.
While we waited, a certain agent—a very capable, professional, well-known agent and a fine man—appeared from the hallway leading back to the rooms where we would do our appointments. He walked up to the appointment director and spoke with him.
The director turned to us hopefuls, waiting in line, and announced, "Mr. XXX has an available slot for an appointment right now. Anyone who'd like to meet with Mr. XXX, please speak up now!"
The agent raised his eyebrows and scanned us writers in the line.
Almost as one man, we all took a step backward and looked down at our feet.
Again the director said, "Last chance to meet with Mr. XXX.
Finally a little old lady stepped forward and croaked, "I'd like to take that appointment."
The rest of us took a collective breath.

I'm sure the agent was surprised by our reaction--or lack of one.
But he shouldn't have been.
He has a reputation.
A reputation for rejecting writers' pitches.
And if an appointment with this agent would mean forgoing one last conference appointment with some other, more receptive agent--well, you see where I'm going.

Do you have a reputation?
We probably all do.
I'm not famous...or notorious.
But I'm sure that I have a reputation.
It is reputed that I am an exacting teacher, that I expect a lot out of my music students, and that I will give my students "the lecture" when they come in for their lessons with the excuse, "I didn't have time to practice." The content of my lecture has gotten around, and now most of my students know that they'd better not give me the "not enough time to practice" line.

I don't mind that reputation.
But wouldn't it be awful to discover that you have a bad reputation?: you're never on time, you renege on commitments,  you cheat at games, you swear, you have a fearsome temper, you can't keep a secret.

My grand dad had a great reputation. He built his export/import business based on that. He was a man of integrity, hard work, dedication to his clients, scrupulous honesty. Clients were not afraid to sign a contract with his business.

As a believer in Christ my reputation is joined with His. My reputation reflects on Christ.
I hope I make Christ look good:
behind the wheel of my car,
at the grocery store,
at a writer's conference
in the classroom or office
playing or watching sports,
eating at my local restaurant.

"For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) and find out what pleases the Lord."
(Ephesians 5: 8 NIV Bible)

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  1. Remember the line, "You may be the only Bible people read?" I pray that people get a clear picture of the Savior and not a muddy mix when they look at me.