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Thursday, October 11, 2012

God's Night Chorus

I think the coyotes must have been having a party last night. About two o'clock in the morning, they began their revelry.
I've gotten to recognize their individual voices since they frequently pass right under our window.
And because I'm an insomniac.

One of the coyotes sounds like a train whistle.
Another has a song that rises high in pitch, then plummets.
The third coyote sounds like cross between a kookaburra bird and a woman who's just received a ten million dollar check from Publisher's Clearing House.
The fourth one just goes, "yip, yip."

I sure wish I spoke fluent coyote. I'm no animal expert, but it sounded to me like the coyotes waxed eloquent about the glories of the night and the anticipation of the hunt.
They carried on for at least ten minutes.
Then...dead silence.
An hour later, they reconvened under my window and sang another chorus or two.
I crept to the window and tried to lift the shade as quietly as possible.
But as soon as they heard the sound, the music ceased.

To some of you, the proximity of coyotes might feel a little creepy.
But when I wake up and hear their song, it reminds me that God never sleeps.
He has placed His hand over the earth, settling His creatures in their appropriate lands,
formed His mountains, His oceans and seas,
determined the force of the wind,
set the turning of the earth on its axis,
separated the night from the day.

None of God's ceaseless activity depends on my prayers, or my attention.
While I sleep, He is running the Universe.
As He has for eternity.
And will continue to do long after my body has run down and I join Him in heaven.

As the children's song goes: "Hes got the whole world in His hands."

"When my soul is in the dumps, I rehearse everything I know of You.
From Jordan depths to Hermon heights, including Mount Mizar.
Chaos calls to chaos, to the tune of whitewater rapids.
Your breaking surf, Your thundering breakers crash and crush me.
Then God promises to love me all day,
sing songs all through the night!
My life is God's prayer." (Psalm 42: 6-8 The Message)

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  1. Oh I love this story! Lastnight we heard a lone coyote far off on the prairie and I wished it were a chorus beneath our window. :)