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Monday, October 22, 2012

Christ is Offensive!

When my husband worked for a company in southern California, he had a small, private office. He put a picture on his wall that he's carried around since his college days. One of his friends—an artist— had done the ink drawing of Christ on the cross. At the bottom of the work are the words, "Paid in full."

None of the employees had a problem with the art work. In fact, when Bruce's work associates discovered that he was a Christian, and witnessed his integrity and kindness at the workplace, many of them came into his office to talk about their problems. Sometimes Bruce was able to pray with those who asked him to.

 But one day a woman who was party of a visiting team of speakers educating all the company's personnel about the governmental requirement for tolerance in the workplace, happened to glance inside Bruce's little office. When she saw the picture of Christ, she demanded that he take it down right away. It could be offensive to the other employees.

Bruce refused and told the woman that "This is a non-government office. No one is forced to come in here. If I can display pictures of my family in here, then I certainly can display a picture of Christ.  Show me where I'm not adhering to company policy. No one so far has ever complained about the picture."

The woman continued to insist that he take it down and warned of possible disciplinary measures if he didn't comply.

Bruce held firm.

I'm sure that the company he worked for had many employees who held different religious views.
But I doubt if one of them had put up a picture of Krishna, or Buddha, or Mohammad, or some Wiccan illustration that the woman from the government would have asked for the picture to be taken down.

No, because only Christ is offensive.
In Christ, we see God reach down to His highest creation, man, and call him to repentance and a restored relationship with Him.
How dare God ask men to repent!
Away with this Christian God. We want no part of Him.
We'll devise our own god, thank you very much.
One who fits our idea of a proper god.
We have no need of repentance.
We will not be accountable to God.
We are gods and we will have no other besides us!

I should note that after the government woman left, no one bothered Bruce about the picture of Christ.
But if they had, He would have collected his picture and walked out for good.

We should never let the world bully us into "taking down our pictures."

"For the message of the cross if foolishness to those who are perishing, but to those who are being saved, it is the power of God."( l Cor. 1:18 NIV Bible)


  1. Excellent post, Dena. And so true.

  2. Dena, Wow--how gripping. A deeply thought provoking nugget of inspiration. Enjoy your winterwonderland and stay warm.

  3. Bravo for your husband's stand!

    Tolerance has run amok in this country. What happened to free speech and freedom of religion?

  4. Susan, I think we're seeing the end of our free speech and freedom of the Christian faith. I wonder how long we'll be able to proclaim Christ even on email and blogs!