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Monday, June 14, 2010

Hey, Notice Me!

When I sit at my computer, Tidus the cat likes to keep me company. He pads noiselessly into the office, then surprises me with a wet nose to my ankle. I bend down to stroke his glossy head and he settles himself contentedly into a kitty-loaf at my feet.
Tidus is so quiet that I sometimes forget he's there. I've stood up and almost stepped on him a number of times. "Oh, good grief!" I do a little stumbling dance as my feet try to avoid crushing the unmoving cat.
He follows me into the kitchen where I pour myself another cup of hot tea. His black and white body snakes around my shins and his irresistable green eyes woo a bowl of milk from me.
After our respective libations, he returns to his place in the office at my feet.
When Tidus decides that I've ignored him long enough he reaches up and places his feet on my thigh. Then he gently taps my arm as if to say, "Hey, I'm here. Notice me."
I laugh and pet him. Then I go back to my writing.
Tidus will repeat his little tap on my arm several times. And if I don't get the message he'll jump up and stand on my shoulders. He nudges my head, purring loudly, and his tail wraps around and tickles my nose. Impossible to ignore. And so, Tidus gets a place on my lap for some just-me-and-you-cat time.
Have you ever noticed how God does that, too?
His presence is easy to ignore. He accompanies me wherever I go, sometimes interjecting a quiet, little thought into the middle of my own inner monologue. Then, at times he reaches over and gently taps me. "Hey, I'm here. Notice me." And if I put Him off, He finds a way to make His presence undeniable. He teaches me that His friendship is much sweeter, much more valuable than the work He has called me to do.
Unlike Tidus, however, God does not sit at my feet.
I sit at His. And in his Big-ness, He gives me --tiny me --the choice to respond to His daily invitation to fellowship.

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