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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Patience for the Journey

When my twin brother and I were little tykes, one of our greatest pleasures was going to the pet store with Granddaddy.
My grandparents lived in San Francisco, and Stones Town Shopping Center was only five or six city blocks down the way.
After Granddaddy announced plans to visit the pet store my mind would conjure up visions of fluffy bunnies, adorable kittens, playful puppies. Oh, how I wanted to be in that pet store NOW.
"C'mon, Granddaddy!" I'd pull on his hand, trying to get him to walk a little faster.
"Hold on," he'd grip my hand harder and make me stop and listen to the lecture he always gave us:
  1. "The most important thing you've got to do is hold onto my hand.
  2. Just look at all those cars whizzing by! I'm trying to keep you safe.
  3. And what if you got lost?
  4. Next, you've got to obey the traffic signals and wait for the light to turn green.
  5. And make sure you walk. You might trip and hurt yourself if you run.
  6. So just be patient and we'll get to the pet store in one piece.
  7. Those cute animals are all still going to be there even if it takes a minute or two longer to get there.

As a worshipper of Jesus Christ, my granddad's words come back to mind when I'm tempted to rush through the process of becoming a good writer. There are some excellent parallels in his lecture. To get to the pet store. . . or to have success in your writing:

Hold God's hand and don't let go. (Micah 6:8)

Let Him guide you. (Proverbs. 3: 5,6)

Follow His laws. (Heb. 10:16)

If you move faster than you're able, you can get hurt. (I Pet. 1:13)

And finally, your patience will reward you: "The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride." (Eccl. 7:8)

I hope I've encouraged you today. Have a great day!

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