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Monday, August 9, 2010

Feel the Wind in Your Face

Whenever I drive somewhere I get a kick when I see a dog enjoying the ride in the back of a truck or sticking his nose out of the passenger window.
One second the border collie or shepherd or terrier is sniffing oncoming traffic to the right, the next second, the dog has whipped to the other side to bark at the man walking his dog on the sidewalk.
The dog isn't thinking about his destination; he's just enjoying the moment, savoring messages in the wind. So much to see and smell along the way!

I try to remember the passenger dog whenever I get too obsessed about some goal I'm straining forward to reach. The dog is like a gentle reminder from God that every second of life --not just the future -- is precious.

Yes, it is good to envision a goal and work for it. But let's not forget the joy of the ride toward our destination. In your journey there are treasures along the road: people and relationships, a delicous meal, lingered over and shared with loved ones, a rousing thunderstorm, a super-good book and a mug of tea, singing a great song at church, showing hospitality and encouragement to someone who's hurting.

I think one of the reasons we love dogs is that they enjoy the little things. They have no goals; they just live.

Keep your goals, my friend. But as you travel forward, stop every once and while to delight in what you see, touch, taste, hear.

Savor the messages in the wind.

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