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Monday, January 10, 2011

Formidable Defense

I love our pictures of these mighty members of the deer family.
Elk are really big. It's a good thing the big guys are relatively used to people. If one of them wanted to, their five hundred pounds of muscle could make mincemeat out of my small frame.
I'm not much of a danger to the elk. But even this big bull has to look out for mountain lions, which roam the perimeter of the forests, seeking unwary prey.
Fortunately, God has equipped this big fellow with everything he needs to be aware of predators:

Big ears that swivel and catch the merest hint of a lion's stealthy stalk.
Large eyes which sit on the sides of the animal's skull so it can see almost in every direction.
Razor-sharp antlers
Powerful legs for stomping or running.

I thought about the predators that we, as believers in Jesus Christ face. Oh, not lions or tigers or bears. I mean the predators which stalk and make war on our souls, those which would hammer us or spear us with discouragement, depression, fear, and bitterness. They roam the perimeter of God's Kingdom, seeking unwary victims.
Fortunately God has equipped us with everything we need to ward off such attacks:

Truth, found in God's reality, not the world's

Our own character, if we continue to do what God's Word (the King's book) tells us

A willingness to flee bad situations, if necessary

A continuing reliance on God's promises (found in the King's book)

A readiness to use God's Word, (found in the King's book) not our own logic, as a defense against spiritual attacks

A confidence that comes from realizing that our ultimate victory is already assured

The great priviledge of being allowed to approach God's throne, knowing that He hears us and comes to our defense

But we have no defense against horrible enemies of the evil kingdom if we do not arm ourselves with the wonderful things God has provided us through His Kingly Presence and His Kingdombook.

Stay close to the King and His Book!

(Note: The above list of defenses are found in Ephesians, chapter 6)

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