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Friday, January 28, 2011

When Flu and Muggers Attack!

Sorry this post is late. But you see, I had no idea on Wednesday night when I went to choir practice that a virus was lurking in the shadows, preparing to pounce.
Getting the flu is a little like being mugged. One minute you're walking down the sidewalk, minding your own business.
The next, you're broadsided by some punk, looking to take whatever you've got.
I suppose the best defense to such sudden assaults is to be aware and be prepared.

Years ago I was walking to one of my many music gigs. I was loaded down with my purse and a big satchel of music. Of course it was at night and I happened to be walking in one of the nation's most dangerous cities: Oakland, California.
I walked quickly, with caution. Nevertheless, a man suddenly stepped out of an alley and grabbed my arm. He said, "Hey, what you got in that bag, Mama?"
"Nothing!" I yelled. Then I ripped my arm away and started running. I ran right into a major street into the middle of traffic, and when I looked back, my would-be attacker had disappeared.
My quick action surprised the stranger from the alley, possibly preventing me from getting a pummeling.
That flu jumped out and grabbed me, too.
I couldn't foresee that attack. But I had stocked my pantry with all the things one needs to treat flu: ibuprofin, ginger ale, jello, chicken soup.

There are other kinds of sudden attacks that, if we are wise and aware, we can defend against also.
I believe the soul is under attack almost constantly from a world that is hostile to the knowledge and reverence of God.
These are the kinds of attacks which, if we are unaware, can seize us and drag us downward.
Stick close to God and His Word; it's your best defense.
Ist Peter 5:8 says, "Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy, the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour."
Perhaps you can't stop the flu attacks or the man-in-the-alley kinds of attacks, or even the spiritual attacks.
But you can arm yourself. Be aware and be prepared!


  1. Sorry you're under the weather, Dena. A very good post. And happy anniversary.

  2. Thanks, Nancy. It was a long haul, but by Monday I'm finally feeling my old self again.