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Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Wait 'n See! 10 reasons why waiting is good.

When I was two years old, I can remember waiting to fall asleep. (I was an insomniac even then.)
At four, the waiting was about going off to kindergarten.
At seven: would Christmas (and my birthday) ever come?
At seventeen: couldn't wait to finish high school and finally shove off to college.
As a young wife: waiting the nine months for the baby to come.
Waiting backstage for my cue
Waiting for summer and road trips with husband and kids
Waiting in line at the grocery store
Waiting at red lights
Waiting for the plumber, waiting for the package to arrive, waiting for the paycheck, waiting. . .
And the biggest wait of all: waiting for God to answer prayer.

Don't you just hate waiting?
Is there anything good about waiting?
Here are some really good things about waiting:
  1. Waiting helps you develop your imagination as to the vast possibilities.
  2. Waiting teaches you that eventually, inevitably, the day comes that you've been waiting for.
  3. Waiting helps you become creative with your wait-time.
  4. Waiting helps you reconsider your choices: Do I really need that half gallon of triple fudge, nuts and caramel, chewy chunks of cookie dough ice cream?
  5. Waiting gives you time to think.
  6. Waiting helps you realize that life exists in the here and now, not the future.
  7. Waiting is the time that you own. The past cannot be held onto and the future will always be the future.
  8. Waiting shows you that you do not control the future (although you can influence it).
  9. Waiting develops patience.
  10. Waiting teaches you that God does answers prayer (but in His time, not ours).

So keep your eyes on the future, but don't forget to fill your "nows" with all the living you can squeeze into it.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." (Eccl. 3:1)


  1. My top two favorites on your waiting list are #1 and #10 and the sentence and scripture after #10...thanks, Dena!

  2. Yes, #1 is one of my favorites, too. Especially when it comes to anticipating road trips!

  3. I'm still working on #9. Patience is a virture I definitely need to cultivate.

  4. Hi Dena -

    Great post!

    Waiting time doesn't have to be inactive. While we're waiting, we can accomplish so much. We can take a book with us and read while we're in a dentist's or doctor's waiting room. We can pray. We can encourage someone.

    Susan :)

  5. Yes, Amanda,#7 is a good one. I like #5 because sometimes I just want to rush into a decision. Not always the best thing to do!

  6. Susan,I agree. Instead of getting frustrated over the wait-time, use it profitably.