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Monday, January 23, 2012

Big John and My Cable Crisis

Last Saturday night, the wind blew so strong that I thought our roof would blow off.
I had just posted about the power and mystery of the wind, how it resembles how the Spirit of God operates.
But Sunday morning, we discovered just how powerful that Saturday night wind had been.
Our cable that connects our technology to the rest of the world, had been ripped from our house.
No cable connection: no internet, no phone, no mail, and no access to my blog.
So that's the reason for the slight delay.
Fortunately, our local guy, John, came right out on Monday morning and ran around my backyard, re-connecting things.
I followed him around like an apprentice baker, asking him questions, peering at the confusing box on our back deck, generally getting in his way.
For a while, it looked like we weren't going to get things going.
He replaced the modem, tested it and announced that all was right.
But it wasn't right.
I couldn't get onto FB and Twitter. We're definitely not "right" if I can't access them!
So, there we were:  this big, weathered, cable worker and little 'ol me, climbing around the bottom of my computer desk, him showing me which cable or wire goes where, which is output and which is input, and why this fitting is red and the other is blue.
An hour later, after a valuable lesson in internet connections, modems and routers, the computer screen announced, "You are connected."
"Yay!" I exclaimed with glee. John gave me a shoulder hug, had me sign on the line, collected his paraphernalia, and headed for the front door. He promised that he'd be back if I had another problem.
And a felt as if I and John had survived a great crisis and I'd made a new friend in the process.
I'm sure John, the cable worker, has no idea that some things about the way he worked reflected the character of God.

John responded to my cry for help.
Something about John's imposing size and manner gave me more confidence.
John assured me that all would be well.
John operated both outside and inside to fix the problem.
John didn't just fix my problem; he established a good relationship.
John was kind about my obvious ignorance about techie things.
John rejoiced with me when the problem was solved.
John assured me that he would return if I had another problem.

And, just like John, my heavenly Father helps me to know that my problem is important and that He won't rest until I am "fixed."

"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." (1 Peter 5: 7 NIV Bible)


  1. I recently bought a new PC after the old one got a decent burial. Thanks to my pastor, the new machine was set up. He gave me detailed instructions on how to connect everything.

    My back still twinges when I think about the time I spent lugging, pushing, shoving, and untangling wires. (I hope this new computer lasts a looong time!)

    I'm glad the Lord sent someone along to help me with this project.

  2. Susan, normally my husband fixes everything when the computer acts up. But outside wires are a job for the pros!

  3. Dena, what an awesome example of tracking treasures through what could be the mundane--and your proof that nothing is mundane with Him. Thank you for sharing inspiring and deeply gripping truths!

  4. Big John may not have been a godly man --I don't know if he is or not -- but even those who don't worship God still reflect His character, if imperfectly. Thanks, Bobbe.