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Monday, February 13, 2012

Why God Doesn't Give us Anesthesia

Last week I underwent a medical procedure. Never mind what it was.
It involved lots of needles.
Needles don't freak me out; I've been stuck so many times I'm kind of immune to the fear they usually inspire.
But those needles really did hurt.
The ones that hurt the most were the ones they use to numb you so the bigger needles, and other instruments of torture don't hurt as much.
Fortunately, I'm the kind of person who, when the doctor says, "Okay, this is gonna sting a bit," knows that the word, "sting" is a euphemism for "YIKES!"
So I was prepared.
I didn't move an inch, didn't twitch, or moan, or tear up. (After the procedure the doctor told me I had been an amazing patient.)
I didn't think I'd need those pills they send you home with. You know what those are: they make you happy and sleepy.
But I did need them. In fact, I popped those pills for the next four days.
Today, I'm happy to report, I'm on the band wagon. Still sore, but it's Monday, and I can't afford to be mentally aberrant today.

In medicine, they give you pain shots and pain meds so you don't fight the doctor, and so you don't remember the awful details of your medical procedure.
But with God, it's just the opposite. He frequently operates on us without any pain reducing analgesics.
1.  God does not want us to forget what caused our pain.
2. And when He begins to "fix" us, He allows us to feel pain so that we are aware of just how serious our condition is.
3. And pain drives us to our knees, the very best place to be.

In soul surgeries, there are pains that we simply must feel.
And we simply must remember.
That is how God brings healing and growth.


  1. Dena,
    What an exquisite post--reminding and gripping me with this truth--His wonderous workings of love. Thank you for sharing and may He fill you with His precious Love and healing!!

  2. When a doctor gives any indication something will hurt, hang on for dear life. I'm glad you're doing better.

  3. Bobbe, thanks. I'm feeling much better. Thank God for pain meds!

  4. Yep, Susan, I love it when they say "it's going to sting." Sting? How about, "this will make you scream, but it'll only last for a second, so hang onto my hand and squeeze it for dear life."
    At least God is honest about His discipline and training. His Word says it's going to be unpleasant!