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Monday, December 31, 2012

Ten Ways to Keep Your Memory Sharp

Okay, this being the last day of 2012, I thought I'd do another out-of-the-box post. Well, out-of-the-box for me.
My last blog post was about remembering my seventh grade year. I put out a question: what do you remember from seventh grade?, and got a number of wonderful responses.

Seems most of us oldsters can recall lots of old things.
It's remembering the recent past that becomes difficult as we get older.

I used to go to nursing homes to sing. Afterward I'd listen to some of the women (it was almost never men—most of 'em they didn't survive long enough to be in a nursing home) as they waxed sentimental about growing up on a farm, or taking the streetcar to see their Aunt, or just-married memories.
The women recalled these memories with pristine clarity.
Yet they had trouble remembering that their family had visited them just yesterday.

So here are my top ten ways to keep your memory sharp. Do these daily:
  1. Exercise.
  2. Stop eating junk. Instead, eat lots of raw things: apples, carrots, celery, red peppers, etc.
  3. Don't sit around.
  4. Learn new skills: a new card game, a new video game, a new musical instrument, a new language.
  5. Force your brain to work on solutions to everyday problems but in novel ways.
  6. If you're right-handed, use your left hand; if you're left-handed, used your right.
  7. Work out a math problem in your head each day.
  8. Compose a short story and tell it to someone.
  9. Stay socially connected.
  10. Meditate on God's Word and talk to Him about it.
Most of these tidbits of advice have to do with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and forcing your brain to keep learning. For example: if you always play bridge, learn chess!

Have a wonderful  NEW YEAR!


  1. LOL! I'm doing pretty well with your list. The math problem - not so much.

  2. Me, too, Susan. My son read this post and immediately gave me a math problem.

  3. This is so true and helpful. That's on of the reasons I started my blog is to learn this computer stuff and boy am I. But to challenge my mind and I'm am loving it. I have enjoyed visiting you beautiful blog and reading your inspiring words and your beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I hope you'll visit me at I found you from a Joyful Altitude.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  4. Love your list Dena, thanks for sharing. I have tried this one: If you're right-handed, use your left hand; if you're left-handed, used your right.... very interesting, I can do both now. I am also learning a new language (I am 50); Hebrew. Wow, that stretches those brain cells :)

  5. Dena:
    I came here from Susan R's blog. Most of your list is simple things we should be doing all the time. Thanks for the reminder. Right now, Hubby and I are eating healthier than we have in quite a long time. Do fresh oranges count?

  6. Wanda Ann, I'm so glad you're challenging your mind. And thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. Marja, I spend some time each day trying to memorize something. It doesn't come as easily as it used to, but I figure it helps keep my brain sharp. Brava for you, learning a new language!I admire you.

  8. Hi QuietSpirit, my husband and I are trying to eat healthy, too. Oranges are a great choice. We stay away from juice and eat the whole fruit. Much better!