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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Gospel In Christmas Carols

Bruce and I had lunch in downtown Estes Park the other day. Afterward, we window-shopped. All along the main shopping street, beautiful Christmas music played: pop Christmas songs, classical music, Christmas carols.
I'm so glad our little town has not banned the playing of such music as other towns have.
Of course I'm not so naiive as to suppose that the town plays Christmas music just because it's the Christian thing to do at this time of year.
I'm sure the music evokes happy childhood memories in most shoppers. This probably makes them want to shop and thus spend money.
Happy shoppers =happy and prosperous store owners.

Whatever the motivation of the town of Estes Park Chamber of Commerce, no one complains.
People from the lowlands come up here to view the majestic Rocky Mountains, the beautiful light displays along the streets, the Holiday decorations, to spend their money on a good meal, and to pick up some souvenirs and gifts.

I love this time of year.
Mostly because of the Christmas music.
When I was a child, I didn't read the Bible.
The only facts I knew about Jesus came from Hollywood-ized Biblical movies
and Christmas Carols.

Christmas Carols taught me that Jesus Christ is the King of heaven and earth:

"Who is He in yonder stall?...Tis the Lord, O wondrous story, tis the Lord, the king of Glory."
"Hark the herald angels sing, 'Glory to the new-born King.'"

Carols taught me that Jesus Christ came from Heaven:

"Thou didst leave Thy throne and Thy Kingly crown when Thou camest to earth for me." 

They taught me that Jesus Christ came to earth to set us free from our fears and sins:

"Come, Thou long expected Jesus, born to set Thy people free. From our fears and sins release 

Christmas Carols taught me that Jesus Christ came to die for us:

"I wonder as I wander out under the sky, how Jesus the Savior did come for to die for poor onery people like you and like I..."

That Jesus Christ casts out our sin and longs to live within us:

"O holy Child of Bethlehem descend to us, we pray. Cast out our sin and enter in, be born in us today."

And finally, that He is the Word of the Father:

"Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing."

"Oh come let us adore Him,
O come let us adore him,
O come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord."

Christmas carols may be the only Bible most people "read" during this time of year.
I sure hope we keep playing them in our streets!

Carols quoted:
Who is He in Yonder Stall? (Hanby)
Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus (Wesley/Pritchard)
Thou didst Leave Thy Throne (Elliot/Matthews)
Hark the Herald Angels Sing thou Didst Leave Thy Throne (Wesley/Mendelssohn)
I Wonder as I Wander (Niles)
O Little Child of Bethlehem (Brooks/Redner)
O Come all ye Faithful (Wade)


  1. Lovely post, Dena. It is nice to hear the carols played downtown. And also nice that we actually have a nativity scene there, too.

  2. I love going into a store and hearing familiar Christmas Carols. The words and music always lift my spirit.

  3. Nancy and Susan, I also find great comfort in hearing the traditional Christmas carols downtowh. Thanks for your comments.