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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Why I Don't Pray

I had a dry spell last month. A spiritual desert. Even when I was in the midst of it, I knew exactly why it was dry. Did that help me turn around and re-enter God's presence?
I clearly saw the stream of refreshment, glistening and flowing, gurgling and rushing, clear, cool, able to slake my thirst.

Now, I've heard many a testimony of some poor Christian who went through a mysterious period of spiritual nothingness in which he/she earnestly sought God, prayed, confessed, read Scripture, memorized, served, sang. All to no avail. The malady persisted until, quite without explanation, the curtains were one day drawn back and sunshine poured through the window again.

But that was not my experience. My dryness came as a result of intentional neglect of prayer.
And I suffered.
When I couldn't stand it anymore, I ran back to Abba and clung to Him. He always welcomes me back and it is always wonderful to be close again.

After my dry spell ended I asked myself why I do it? It was totally my choice. Why do I ignore my Father for a day, even a week? He never, ever does that to me.

Have you thought about it, too? Do you "run away" ocassionally?

In the next two weeks I'll be sharing what I believe makes me avoid prayer. I'll also be sharing solutions. I hope these encourage your heart to keep seeking His face.
Have a great day.


  1. Personal thoughts....More than ever I take to heart the Word that tells us to pray without ceasing. So I say hello to God in the morning no matter how crappy a morning. I say on the especially bad mornings, "OK God I really need You today" No matter how crappy my day is I can say over and over, "It's crappy God, thanks for being there" I find myself wanting to pray through the day at the weirdest times without thinking. I pray when I drive, when I am swimming. I don't know why but maybe because there is nothing else to do. Sometimes I shut off the radio in the car because I feel the need to talk to God. I talk just normal like He is any other friend I have, but more like a parent. I often find myself thinking about deep things and praying in the shower. I hope it doesn't offend Him that I pray naked in the shower. He did say pray without ceasing. I definitely pray before I go to work because I need Him so much there. I am so worried about messing up and hurting someone, or that something would go bad because I wasn't thinking clearly. Lately I have started praying often for my childrens' spiritual welfare and for their general welfare. They are adults now and other than offering advice humbly when I think they need it, praying is what I can do.
    I pray when things bother me in the news or just when I think about certain life issues.
    Sometimes when I don't pray it's because I am too caught up in life or trying to avoid Him. Lol but that's silly because He is always there and always knows what I am thinking anyways, good or bad. I talk with Him about my joys, thanks, wants needs, conflicts, shortcomings etc. I pray He do in and through me what I can't possibly do on my own...which is a lot.


  2. Oh sorry forgot to thank you for this thought provoking blog. I hope you don't mind I join in with my thoughts.
    I have had times in life I have ignored the one who loves me so much. I used to practice daily am prayer which is OK but I like more the praying naturally without ceasing no matter what I feel and even with sin struggles. It is then that I am honest and ask Him to help me get ready to change whatever it is I might need to...prone to wander Lord I feel it....

  3. wonderful post and I look forward to the future ones you will be posting on prayer.

  4. Thanks. On prayer: the spirit is willing (most of the time) but the flesh is weak. And my flesh sweeps me up and down on waves of appetite, emotion, fatique, fear. Then I don a fig leaf and hide.